Referral Pathways


General practitioners and other medical specialists may refer clients under Medicare Health Care Plans, such as The Better Access Plan.

Referring Doctors

Doctors are welcome to call the clinic to discuss specific referrals. They may provide their patients with referral letters, or fax or email through patient referral forms on: 9354 5531 or

Other Funding Pathways

The clinic accepts clients referred under TAC, Worksafe, Department of Veteran Affairs and other assistance programs.


Clients may also self-refer, but they will not be covered under Medicare without a medical referral. Some clients may be covered under their private health insurance plan. They should consult with their individual health fund to find out more.

New clients forms to complete for initial consultation.

Please complete registration form and the questionnaire attached and bring to your first session:
Two pdfs to click through attached.

New Client_Registration


Fees & Rebates

As we believe that psychology services should be accessible to anyone in need of treatment, our scheduled fees are set substantially below the Australian Psychology Society recommended guidelines for practitioners.

With a valid GP referral and Medicare Plan, clients can expect to pay an out-of pocket fees ranging from $20-$50.

Standard fees are $175 per 50 minute session, with a Medicare rebate of $124.50 being claimable under a valid GP referral for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

What New Clients Can Expect:

Respecting your values and beliefs

At your first session you can expect to feel at ease immediately, and comfortable to discuss personal issues in a way that feels natural and makes sense based upon your life experiences and values. Your psychologist will uphold the highest respect for your dignity, your cultural and religious beliefs, as well as your individual values and beliefs.

Keeping your information confidential

The information you provide to your psychologist will remain confidential, within legal and professional guidelines (see Our Policies for further information).

Finding out about you

Your psychologist will start your 50 minutes session by getting information from you about your current issues, life context, as well as some general information about your background. You will together discuss what you would like to get out of your sessions, and different options or approaches to helping you achieve your desired outcomes. Often your psychologist will also ask you questions about your psychological symptoms, as well as provide you with some initial information and practical strategies to help you gain some immediate relief.