Types of Treatment

Depending upon a client’s goals and interests, our psychologists offer a range of evidence-based therapies, including therapies to tackle:


  • Cognitive Behaviour and Acceptance Commitment Therapies (helping clients reach goals and develop helpful thinking styles)

Trauma and Strong Emotions

  • Schema, EMDR, DBT and Affect Regulation Therapies (assisting with trauma, complex emotional difficulties and chronic unhelpful habits and additions).

Relationship issues

  • Narrative, Emotion Focused, Attachment & Family Systems Therapies (improving relationships)

Learn Skills

  • Motivational Interviewing and Positive Psychology (learning effective life skills).  Complex Issues
  • Latest applications of the science of attachment and the neuroscience of emotion (better assisting with more complex, systemic or longer-term difficulties.

For more detailed information about the type of therapies used by our psychologist, see Useful Links.